experiences tours wines and cellars puglia


We are lovers of the art of winemaking

Discover the oenological essence of the Itria Valley through a refined, engaging and history-rich journey.

A symphony of aromas and flavors that tells centuries of history

Vitivinicultural practice is one of the key traditions that unites the countries bordering the Mediterranean. This ancient culture, rooted in peasant roots, goes beyond mere production, it is in all respects an art.

Through our local wine tastings, you will immerse yourself in a thousand-year-old tradition made up of engaging aromas and flavors that tell a story. We will guide you on this sensorial journey that will allow you to experience and fully understand the rich Apulian wine culture.

Experiences tours wines and cellars Puglia

How does the experience take place?

Let yourself be pampered with our home wine delivery service (in collaboration with the best local producers), or book a wine tasting in the prestigious cellars of the Itria Valley or Salento.

You will be able to savor a selection of excellent wines, produced by local wineries that stand out for their passion and mastery in wine production.

During the tastings, you will be guided by expert sommeliers who will share with you the history, characteristics and peculiarities of the wines you are tasting. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the different grape varieties used in the production of Apulian wines, discovering the unique nuances and aromas that distinguish them.


Who is it aimed at?

Our wine tasting service in Puglia is aimed at all wine lovers and enthusiasts of food and wine culture. Whether you are an expert sommelier or a curious novice, we will be happy to make you live an unforgettable experience in the world of Apulian wines.

Our tastings take place in suggestive atmospheres, such as historic cellars or panoramic settings, which add a touch of magic to the experience. They will allow you to get to know the production processes up close and fully appreciate the beauty and art that lie behind Apulian wines.

The details of the experience

minimum notice: at the time of booking or subsequently - NO LAST-MINUTE SERVICE RESERVATIONS
timing: 2 hours
experience program: guided tour of the vineyards and wine preparation rooms; tasting of 3 historical Apulian labels
minimum participants: 1 person
price: contact your reference Villa export
extra: transfer with driver from/to the villa.

Experiences tours wines and cellars Puglia