management of properties for rent


Rent your villa and get maximum returns

Our property management service is the ideal solution for worry-free management of your luxury rental property.

Personalized assistance for foreign and Italian customers

Do you own a property in Puglia and want to open up to the world of tourist rentals? We are what you are looking for.

Apuliarentals is an established reality with a collection of villas among the most exclusive in the Itria Valley. Our direct management and intense property management activity has allowed our company to grow over time and acquire an excellent reputation, supported by our customers, both owners and guests of the facilities.

We are the only ones specialized in the management, rental and sale of luxury properties, which combine comfort, uniqueness, art and innovation. All with the characteristic Apulian style that distinguishes us so much.

Management of properties for rent

How is the Property Management service structured?

All owners who join our circuit, in addition to renting their property, benefit from a complete and customizable package of services that includes:


  • complete assistance to tourists during their stay in the villa, with a team of collaborators and maintenance workers, including plumbers, electricians and swimming pool cleaning technicians, who ensure timely interventions in case of breakdowns (within a maximum of 12 hours is resolved).
  • the management of bureaucratic and administrative procedures for short-term rentals, such as the communication of tenant data to the Istat portal, according to the regulatory obligations applicable to private accommodation for tourist use
  • the collection of the tourist tax
  • the payment of the Cepolare Secca on behalf of the owner on the amounts of rent collected
  • customer check-in and check-out
  • the tidying up of the villa and laundry service.

Additionally, we provide photography and home staging services to promote properties effectively. Thanks to all these services, we offer a complete and professional stay experience that will benefit the guests of your property and - of course - you as the owner. In fact, our service guarantees the property to enjoy the fruits of the investment without having to worry about the tasks and knowing that renters are guaranteed personalized and high-quality treatment, which will lead them to book again or recommend their stay to others.

For all the villas in our portfolio we organize all maintenance and cleaning interventions to guarantee a consistently high level of comfort and healthiness of the environments.

Who is it aimed at?

Apuliarentals does its utmost to ensure excellence for all its customers.
Our Property Management service is the ideal solution for all those who do not have sufficient free time, wish to delegate management to avoid having to deal with administrative and bureaucratic procedures, or live far from their property in Puglia.

For all our customers, we guarantee an always efficient and attentive property maintenance service, to offer maximum care to guests and the best performance to owners not present on site.

If you are considering letting your property for the first time, we can offer expert advice to get you started on the right foot and maximize its potential.

We are here to guarantee you the best results.

If the property is ready for rent, send us:

  • its detailed description, including related facilities and services
  • some photos of both the interior and exterior

to to have it evaluated by our team of experts.