housekeeping service


Like at home but better

Everything you expect and much, much more.

A clean and welcoming environment every time you return

All our properties are managed, sanitized and tidy by our Housekeeping team, who adhere to high standards of cleanliness and disinfection.

Housekeeping service

How is the service structured?

Per la maggior parte dei nostri immobili, offriamo gratuitamente i servizi di housekeeping durante il tuo soggiorno, per garantirti un'esperienza di comfort e relax assoluti.

For most of our properties, we offer free housekeeping services during your stay, to guarantee you an experience of absolute comfort and relaxation.
Each villa has a personalized plan with midweek housekeeping service during guests' stay, which varies by property. However, each guest has the possibility to book an additional housekeeping service, at an extra cost to be paid at the time of booking or on site.


Who is it aimed at?

The service is available free of charge for all our guests, but it is possible to request an additional bonus.

Our team takes care of every detail, ensuring that every corner of your villa is perfectly clean and organised. From the bedrooms to the common areas, we make sure everything is spotless, offering you a relaxing and comfortable environment.

We use professional products and techniques to ensure that every surface is shiny and sanitized. Enjoy your free time and leave the task of keeping your home impeccable to us.

The advantages of the service

  • type of service: free or with extras
  • minimum notice: at the time of booking or subsequently, before your arrival - NO LAST-MINUTE SERVICE RESERVATIONS
  • included: occasional midweek cleaning and tidying up service; extra service additional service with increased frequency (for a fee)

  • price: contact your reference Villa Expert; payment at the time of booking or on site.

Housekeeping service