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The green gold of Puglia

An extraordinary experience with tour and tasting of extra virgin olive oil in one of the most famous oil mills in the Itria Valley

A symphony of aromas and flavors that tells a thousand-year-old story

Are you looking for an oil mill in Puglia for a tour with tasting of EVO olive oil, accompanied by bruschetta and Apulian taralli? Do you want to learn to recognize an excellent quality oil?

In a famous and renowned farmhouse in the countryside of Fasano, accompanied by an expert guide, you will have the opportunity to see monumental olive trees, visit the fascinating medieval underground oil mill and learn the ancient oil production techniques.

This will be followed by a visit to the modern oil mill, where you can discover how a quality extra virgin oil is produced. Finally, you will be able to learn to recognize an excellent extra virgin olive oil, thanks to a superb guided tasting.

Experiences Tour Oil Evo Puglia Oil

How does the experience take place?

Take part in an extraordinary experience with a tour and extra virgin olive oil tasting in one of the most famous oil mills in the area.

Among the most enchanting Apulian oil mills, our reference oil mill, based in Fasano, awaits you with an expert and dedicated guide, in Italian or English, to immerse you in the uses and beliefs regarding green gold.

We will welcome you in a farmhouse from the 1700s, where the agricultural company is located with the underground oil mill from the medieval era and the 60 hectares of olive grove. Here, we will tell you about the area, among the ancient blades and majestic centuries-old olive trees.

Harvesting olives from monumental trees requires specific machines and tools which you can experience up close during the October-November period for an even more exciting experience. In this first step, we will tell you about the olive tree varieties present in Puglia, in Italy and around the world.

We will then accompany you to the underground oil mill, among the ancient millstones dedicated to the production of oil in medieval times and the rock settlements and we will explain the uses of oil and the signs left by man over the centuries.

Then, the tour will move to the modern oil mill. Here, the cutting-edge equipment and the various processing phases necessary to obtain a superior quality oil will be illustrated and the differences between extra virgin, virgin, olive oil and lampante.
The tour will continue with a tasting of different oils in professional cobalt blue tasting glasses. We will compare different pure oils and, like a true sommelier, you will be able to distinguish the organoleptic properties of each one, learning to define the characteristics of a quality extra virgin olive oil. Finally, you can taste the excellent extra virgin olive oil with bruschetta and Apulian taralli.

Who is it aimed at?

The tour is aimed at all oil lovers who want to live an authentic experience in the heart of Puglia.

The experience lasts 2 hours 30 minutes. Guests will have access to a guided tour from the visit to the thousand-year-old olive grove to the underground oil mill and will be able to try their hand at tasting 3 types of olive oil from our land.

You can request the service at the time of booking or later by contacting our Villa Expert. If you wish, we will be happy to organize a transfer from your villa for a little extra.

We also offer the possibility to choose the Private Tour option.

The details of the experience

● type of experience: individual or in group
● minimum notice: at the time of booking or subsequently - NO LAST-MINUTE SERVICE RESERVATIONS
● timing: 2 hours and 30 minutes
● experience program: guided tour of the olive groves, the historic underground oil mill and the modern oil mills; tasting of 3 types of local EVO oil
● minimum participants: 1 person
● price: contact your reference Villa export
● extra: transfer with driver from/to the villa

Experiences Tour Oil Evo Puglia Oil