why choose us


Our added value for owners of luxury properties in Puglia

Complete services that make you and the travelers who will spend time in your villa happy

Enhance and promote your exclusive property

Apuliarentals today is a consolidated reality that manages a collection of villas among the most exclusive in the Itria Valley. The constant commitment and direct link with the territory have allowed us to grow enormously over time, acquiring an excellent reputation both as a result of the collaboration with the owners and thanks to the services offered to guests.

We are the only ones specialized in the management, rental and sale of typical structures that combine comfort, typicality, art and innovation, all with the characteristic Apulian style that distinguishes us so much.

why choose us

Villas, trulli and farms with gardens and swimming pools

We specialize in selecting villas, trulli and farms with gardens and swimming pools, typical of our territory, which possess the charm of the warm Apulian soul, for an unforgettable stay to spend in company. This is a selection of properties that match our idea of an ideal holiday. A holiday in which guests allow themselves the luxury of rediscovering a way of life in which time slows down, in which the connection with nature and with oneself is rediscovered.


High standards

We know how important it is to maintain high standards of quality and comfort, as well as enhancing the beauty and uniqueness of Apulian architecture. This is why we carefully select the properties, agreeing to include only 10%, i.e. those that meet our rigorous quality criteria.


Finally, if you are looking for an agency that manages your property with reliability, seriousness and honesty, increasing its online visibility and transforming it into a guaranteed income, our staff is ready to get in touch and arrange the first meeting.


The 5 key points

1. Property Management

Our property management service is the ideal solution for all those who do not have sufficient free time to manage the tourist rental of their property or do not reside in Puglia.

We guarantee all owners an always efficient maintenance service to offer maximum precision and care for the benefit of guests. Furthermore, we collaborate with the best professionals in the area, such as plumbers, electricians and swimming pool cleaning technicians, in order to deal with any unexpected events or needs in the villa within a maximum of 12 hours.

We organize all cleaning operations almost daily to guarantee a consistently high level of comfort and healthiness of the environments.

We don't just rent your villa, we guarantee a high level of service to your guest travelers who in this way spend wonderful holidays, which they will want to repeat the following year.

2. "All included" service

Our complete management allows you, the owner of a villa, a trullo or a luxury farmhouse in Puglia, to sleep soundly, worrying only about receiving the income from your property.

All the owners who join our circuit, in addition to renting their property, benefit from a complete and customizable package of services which include the management of the structure at the entry and exit of guests, assistance of tourists during their stay in villa and the management of bureaucratic and administrative practices involving the short-term rental activity.

3. Interpersonal relationships

Our specialized and empathetic approach allows us to build solid relationships with owners. As the owner of a property in our portfolio, you will always have our staff available for any type of support or need.

4. Seriousness and honesty

Thanks to our team we transmit to all our interlocutors the passion for our work and for our land, guaranteeing maximum attention to every detail and need. All this effort translates into a fantastic experience for all parties involved.

The innate and visceral passion for the territory, professionalism and continuous updating, combined with customer assistance calibrated to the millimetre, are the fundamental ingredients that distinguish us from other companies.

5. Visibility

Thanks to the new website and digital marketing tools, all our properties have excellent online visibility. Furthermore, we boast an ever-growing presence on social networks, particularly on Instagram. We have a dense network of collaborations with tour operators and travel agencies located in all European capitals and the United States.