Social and press collaborations


New digital connections for your property

We help you promote your property, also through collaborations on social channels and the press

Reach new customers with Apuliarentals digital collaborations

We make our social channels available to increase the visibility of your properties. Through the main social platforms, thanks to targeted collaborations and specific marketing activities, we put your home in contact with potential future guests, eager to stay in your facilities.
Every year, our Instagram page, with connected users from all over the world, increases the visibility of the Apuliarentals portfolio, generating information and booking requests for our facilities

Social and press collaborations

How is the service structured?

Digital collaborations, creation of content for social channels, articles in editorials in the sector are just some of the tools that Apuliarentals uses to nourish its social channels and consequently, to make your structure more visible. Each property within the portfolio will be the subject of content and digital sharing: these operations will guarantee you more interested users and consequently more chances of receiving bookings.


Who is it aimed at?

Whether you have a small apartment, a historic home in the historic center, or a villa immersed in the Apulian countryside, this opportunity is for you! Social and press collaborations represent a precious ally for all those who want the best for their structure.

The advantages of the service

Leverage the power of social media and print media to showcase your luxury properties to travelers around the world and get more bookings.
All this thanks to our vast network of contacts and Apuliarentals social profiles.

Social and press collaborations