EASYRENT Coverage by EuropAssistance

For the categories Sea Villas, Ville & Cottages and Trulli for rent (Puglia Apartment rentals category is excluded) there is the EASYRENT guarantee.

EASYRENT Coverage, whose payment is mandatory at the time of booking, allows the customer not to pay the security deposit on the balance or on arrival and to have EuropAssistance coverage in case of accidental damage to the property during his stay (up to to the maximum value indicated and with the limitations envisaged). The cost (and the related maximum limit) is defined for each property by Apuliarentals, is published on the relevant property page of the site and is explicitly indicated during the booking process, before any purchase confirmation. The coverage starts from the moment the tenant receives the keys to the property and ends when he returns them at the end of the stay. Before leaving the property, it is necessary that the owner of the property checks with his guests that the state of the property is unchanged from the time of check-in. If during the rental of the property during the stay, accidental damage to the property occurs, EuropAssistance indemnifies the costs that the owner incurs for the replacement or repair of the damaged goods. In the event of accidental damage caused by customers, the owner must sign the relevant form indicating any damage that has occurred with true, exact and complete statements. In this case, the customer, in order to be insured and have the owner proceed with the opening of the claim to the EuropAssistance company, is required to sign the form for acknowledgment and confirmation of the damage caused, after which nothing else will be requested from the customer. The policy provides for a relative deductible of € 100.00: claims of a value equal to or less than this amount will not be considered, those of a higher value will be considered in full. Are excluded claims caused or dependent on: a) willful misconduct are excluded from coverage; b) failure to comply with the rules indicated in the lease contract signed with the Contracting Party of the Convention; c) natural and atmospheric events of an extraordinary nature; d) war, invasion, military occupation, insurrection, revolution, confiscation or requisition, strikes, riots or popular movements, looting, acts of terrorism and vandalism; e) transmutation of the nucleus of the atom, radiation caused by the artificial acceleration of atomic particles. f) caused by frost, humidity, dripping, lack of or insufficient maintenance, fire, explosion and bursting; g) theft; h) caused by wear; i) breakage or damage to collections, collections and works of art in general; l) due to defects for which the manufacturer or supplier must respond by law or by contract; m) which occur in premises used for offices, commercial operations and industrial activities; n) loss or damage to furniture not belonging to the owner. Also excluded are: o) rentals not for tourist purposes; p) the cleaning costs.

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